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Paradigm Initiative Nigeria
is a social enterprise fostering ICT-based development, education, anti-cybercrime, and civil society based in Lagos, Nigeria. It brings together public, private and non-profit resources to create a new future – and a new image – for Africa’s most populous nation.

LetITHelp (Philippines)
helps young IT professionals in the Philippines burnish their skills in a real-world (and award-winning) technology company, while imparting life and business know-how. Their holistic approach to personal development embodies the seamless blend between commercial and social enterprise.

Thrillophilia (India)
is the project of five young veterans of the Indian IT boom who love adventure travel and chose to take a risk with an innovative new service rather than playing it safe. It uses cutting-edge social media and a networked approach to lift professional standards in the travel industry.

Duto, SA (Colombia):
Three undergraduates at a technical college in rural Colombia invented a device to help blind children “see” what’s on a computer screen through touch sensitivity. Their award-winning project is now the basis of a commercial business, and evidence that innovation has no borders.

Brave New Talent (Global/UK):
is a UK-based startup that a start-up uses Facebook to reinvent the recruitment process. They are also co-sponsoring One Young World, a global congress of young leaders gathering in London under the direction of counselors including Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu and Bob Geldoff.

Ushahidi (Africa):
This revolutionary approach to crisis management developed by a community of African programmers and social activists, using mobile devices, social networks and open visualization tools to provide emergency response around the world. Their most recent efforts are helping the relief effort following the earthquake in Haiti.

Globant (Argentina):
In 2002, five young tech professionals in Buenos Aires had a dream of turning Argentina into a hub for IT outsourcing. Their business has transcended their expectations to become a recognized global innovator and partner to some of the world’s leading companies.

Young Americas Business Trust (US/Americas)
sponsors the annual TICAmericas contest, recognizing innovation and entrepreneurial excellence throughout the Western hemisphere. It brings attention and resources to next-generation talent throughout the Americas.

Globals (India):
Suhas Gopinath founded Globals when he was just 14, designing websites in the local cybercafé in Bangalore. It’s now a multinational company with operations across Europe, Asia, North America and Africa, and Suhas was recognized as entrepreneur of the year by the World Economic Forum.

mPedigree (Ghana)
is trying to stamp out the scourge of counterfeit pharmaceuticals by allowing anyone to validate drugs using the simple text-messaging capabilities of any mobile phone. Launched in Ghana in 2007, mPedigree is now rolling out across the developing world.

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In the 2010s, entrepreneurship is about more than just creating new businesses. Entrepreneurs around the world are innovating to drive social and economic development, solve global problems, create employment, and change the game for billions.

Young World Shining traces the arc of change from Latin America and Africa to Southeast Asia and the turbulent streets of the Middle East. Rob Salkowitz brings his trademark combination of insight and first-hand reporting to explore the successes and challenges of global entrepreneurship as it emerges as a dominant theme in business, politics, development and education.

Drawn from writings that appeared on leading business sites such as FastCompany.com, Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, McKinsey Quarterly and Internet Evolution, Young World Shining adds depth and dimension to Salkowitz's groundbreaking 2010 work Young World Rising, and concludes with a hard-hitting new essay, "Entrepreneurship and Its Enemies." Available June 21 exclusively in eBook format for Kindle and iPad. 

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It’s the business story of the decade: All around the world, young people armed with unprecedented access to networks and information technology are poised to transform the global knowledge economy from the bottom up. Bristling with new ideas, new ways to engage customers, new solutions to age-old problems, and new organizational models, Young World businesses are changing their futures… and ours.

Young World Rising tells their stories, and spells out how established organizations can engage with Young World entrepreneurs in a variety of ways to create new market opportunities and drive sustainable growth in the wake of the global recession. YoungWorldRising.com continues the conversation with blogs, communities, resources, and additional content.

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"Today, leadership positions are overwhelmingly filled by members of a demographic cohort whose attitudes towards technology were formed in adulthood. Over the next 10-15 years, their roles will change, their influence will recede, and the next wave of leadership will be drawn from generations with remarkably different approaches to technology and workplace culture.


"Managing that transition in ways that empower rising workers without sacrificing the knowledge and wisdom of the veteran contributors is one of the crucial challenges facing businesses, governments and society."



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